Sunday, 26 October 2008

Wonderful Saturday

It's always been a dream/life goal (so sad!) of mine to learn the Thriller dance, and I pretty much fell off the couch six months ago when a google search for "how to do the thriller dance" brought me to this website.

Fast forward to yesterday, October 25th, heretofore known as Thrill the World Day. Yup. Here's not one but two youtube vid links to prove it--I'm the pale, pale underling wearing a black dress and hiking boots in the bottom right-hand corner and towards the back of the pack (in my defense I am wearing white face paint as part of the un-dead look but yeah, apparently I'm the whitest Italian ever). Steve is to my left rocking the un-dead yet hunky combat/Hulk look in green plaid and navy blue pants. We're so cool. The night before we had gone in a group o' lucky 7 from the Embarcadero BART to the Montgomery BART to the Powell BART, doing the dance at every station, on the street! now we're those weirdo dancers you see on the street without a care in the world!--then we ended up in Union Square where we joined up with the Friday night roller skaters for a final dress rehearsal before TTW Day.

So very cool.

the photo above is of our ringleader, dressed in his MJ finest.

Monday, 20 October 2008

a toast

to Lambert and Adam and the happiness they've found in each other (congratulations!).

to Thriller dancing in Golden Gate Park on Sunday afternoons

to Hoodle dogs peeking out of limos

to Pride wines, 'specially their sublime merlot (or is it their picnic area I'm in love with?)

to 47 months married

"The best days go fastest."