Sunday, 13 October 2013


I know it's technically been fall for a bit now, and even more technically in Florida we never really get a fall, but I'm chomping at the bit (what is a bit? what does that mean? is it a horse term, a dog term?) to decorate our new home for Halloween. Our new home, which we're not even living in yet. Our new home which is covered in yucky, dusty, peeling wallpaper--some of which have farm animals! NOT EVEN KIDDING)--and we've already taken to removing some of it bit by excruciating bit. Actually we're haphazardly removing it which is likely most stupid of us...we'll start a wall, get sidetracked, then find ourselves in another room with one of the girls and spot a corner that looks like it could use a satisfying riiiiiiip. And that's how our home is looking like a foreclosure sale, all ripped up . Ha! I'm not worried. Steve and I are both motivated enough by our dislike of it that it's all coming down, priority number one. Followed by paint. You know, after we move all of our belongings and furniture into it. That still needs to happen.

Where am I going with this, this post titled Fall? I'm trying to be gentle on myself this year. I'll save my dream to cover our porch in pumpkins for next year. I'll try to squeeze in a week or two of bedtime stories read by candlelight, an October tradition borrowed from Design Mom, but for now our candlesticks have been packed away. And our Halloween books are still in a box labeled FALL that is sitting in Marmousch's garage. In other words, anything I can find the time and grace to squeeze in will be frosting on the cake and I'll pat myself on the back accordingly :) Of course there will be a pumpkin patch, trick or treating, I've already made apple cider donuts, and pumpkin donuts, beware! my new kitchen is coming for you! And not more than 4 minutes ago I was scheming how we could get to Boo at the Zoo, since conveniently this move has placed us significantly closer to our great little local zoo. And! Dani's skellyjams should be arriving any day now! And and and. Hello, fall. Even though we're very much in over our heads at the moment with a move and a very special person about to turn's nice to see you, taste you (mmmm this recipe comes to mind), and smell you (bonfires! can we do a bonfire in our backyard before fall is over?!) 

On that note, here's a peek at our new lil home. I really do love the outside. Oh! That picket fence is going down at some point in the next year. It cuts the yard by 2/3 and while I'm all for the charm of a picket fence, I wanna be able to run through our front yard more.  But I love the gables, the blue (I'm thinking a contrasting red front door sometime soon? thoughts?). And most amazing is the 3 year old hambone all barefoot on her new front sidewalk. She's pretty excited about this whole thing and really, that's all I can hope for. Pumpkin donuts, pumpkin shmonuts.

p.s. Sorry about all the exclamation points. I call them 1 am exclamation points.
p.p.s. I updated the summer bucket list. I think we did pretty good (who wants to camp in Florida in the summer anyway? November screams camping in the south!). The final hurrah was stalking the ice cream man.