Wednesday, 8 August 2012

A Birthday and a year ago.

We just got back from a sorta last-minute trip north to Clear Lake for Steve's birthday. Yes, it's birthday season in the Weibel house and my amazing husband is first to bat! This man. He's had such a tremendous year and I'm so proud of him--working so hard for our family, increasing his credentials at work with more education, nearly singlehandedly getting us out of debt, getting himself healthy and even winning a weight-loss competition with colleagues. He's now at his lowest weight that I've known him at in the 10 years we've been together (he's losing, I'm gaining...figures!). We love you, Pook. No one holds a candle to you. My love and my life.

I'll post pictures from our little trip soon but first, something that happened to pop up while Steve was saving our Flip Cam footage to the computers (did you know Flip Cam is no longer being made so no more FlipShare? Where have I been?). This was exactly one year ago today. Actually it's after midnight here so it's a year ago yesterday, but still. Too good not to share. Look at my wobbly bobblehead. Now she's all vim and chatty vigor, unstoppable, fiercely loving and oh yeah, she's ours.
Can we squeeze anything else into that personality? And yet she does, every day. But still. Look at that nearly 1 year-old. It makes my heart hurt.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

August 4th already

I keep sitting down to write a post--the one about me and my bump, another about Renegade Handmade which was now two weeks ago, our little trip south to Gilroy Gardens a few weeks back, the Olympics. Oh the Olympics! I blame them. I don't do anything else these evenings but sit glued to our little 12-inch television, screaming for the U.S. swim team (I love them! Such a class act.) or those phenomenal gymnasts with their heads held high. What a beautiful thing to see, night after night--rising up to all that pressure. I love it and will be sad when next Friday rolls around.

So that's our nights--going to bed much too late, me doing a little knitting, some online ordering, trying to avoid social media since damnit being on the west coast means you might stumble across competition results that you didn't want to know beforehand. Our days of course are filled with our almost two year-old being her wonderful nutsky crazykin self. Wait. What?! Steve reminded me today that I have to start answering the million-times-a-day How old is she? question from strangers with "Two at the end of this month." Emphasis on the this month. August? How? No!