Sunday, 31 October 2010

Saturday, 30 October 2010


Oh Mils. Bebe Wugs. You are two months old now. I feel like I've known you a lifetime. We're starting, just starting, to hit our stride now. Your crying doesn't faze me anymore. You are turning me into a more confident mama. 

This was the month of the breastfeeding drama. Now that we have gotten over our hurdles, though, we are good. We are in it for the long haul (whatever that may be). You still nurse all day long, it seems, but I love it now. I love seeing how much comfort you get from it, I love the cuddling, I love seeing your little hands all tense in the beginning and then slowly begin to relax. Besides putting you into the sling and walking around outside, it's the only way I'm able to get you to sleep during the day. And quite honestly, our naps together on the bed are my favorite part of every day. You snuggle up against me and this love knows no bounds.

You are starting to vocalize a lot now and your voice is awesome. I put you on your playmat and suddenly you're making sounds like OOOOHHHHH and EEEHEHHHHHH but you say it like your sucking every last bit of air into your lungs. It's adorable. Other cool things: you roll from your tummy to your back, the nonstop action of your arms and legs has earned you the title of Puppetmaster, you tuck your lips in and smack them when seeing something you like, your smiles, oh your smiles (never was there anything better), you adore bathtime, and when on your tummy make these gentle mmmmmmm sounds and put on the bravest face imaginable. 

I joke that you are tragically serious. Your eyebrows are furrowed when you're in the car seat. It's as though you are giving yourself a 'suck it up, be tough' pep talk the entire time. Or maybe you are jealous of that other baby looking back at you. But you are such a great girl. Everyone thought it was a fluke when you started sleeping 9 hours a night but I believed in you and thankfully, when nighttime comes you know what to do. It's as if you're saying, I've got this, mom. 
Every night after we lay you down your dad and I still look at each other and say I love her. We feel like we've won the lottery. I still peek in on you and stare a million times a night and think I'll be doing that until you're twenty. The other night I was watching a college graduation scene in a movie and started sobbing knowing that will be you one day. There is something bittersweet in knowing that you are living the best years of your life right now
Thank you for opening my eyes to what I was missing out on.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

At the Pumpkin Patch

We wanted to go to the pumpkin patch today.

Mila was up for the adventure.

So we got her dressed for the occasion.

After an initial meltdown en route, she settled in for a nap.

A power nap that is. She woke up 5 minutes later suspicious of our plans.

Another meltdown when we arrived at the pumpkin patch. But I popped her in the sling, danced around, and she calmed down. Really calmed down.

We felt badly waking her up just for a photo op. We're horrible parents.

At first she didn't know what hit her.

And then she realized. 
p.s. Yes, that's a ghost on Mila's first tutu. Isn't it awesome? From Pumpkin Baby Designs, as seen here.

Not even Dad could calm her down.

Or her beloved Nonna.
Nonna made her spiderweb kimono by the way.

And then we did something really stupid. 
We tried again for the money shot....
I wonder if this is a taste of what's to come when we meet Santa in a couple months.

Monday, 25 October 2010


 Marmousch, Lamb and I
It's the week of Mila's first official holiday (sorry, Columbus) and I'm so excited for all the festivities. Wednesday is Trunk or Treat, Thursday we're going to the pumpkin patch, Saturday is the Halloween parade and Sunday we'll get together with good friends and family. I can't wait to show pictures of my punkin in costume.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Happy weekending

Husband works weekends so that's usually when Marmousch and I pair up and become partners in crime She's out of town, though, so my glamorous plans include taking Mila on her first trip to a swingset (with me holding her in the sling)--she loves bouncing on the birth ball, so this should be even better, right? And I'm really going to try to finish writing my birth story. It's almost done. 

And since I physically can't post anymore without showing off a picture of my yummy daughter. Being her mom is seriously the best thing ever.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Looking back.

I love that we didn't find out our child's gender until I gave birth. And ever since, I've been replaying my pregnancy in my head (in between foggy early-morning feedings and late-night pumping sessions) the way you mentally review a movie after finding out the ending. So that foot...was Mila. The fist...was Mila. She was the one I went snorkeling with on St. John, and she was bouncing around as I ran the bridge over and over again last summer.

It was her all along.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

16 years from now

"Oh that? Those marks are from the time my mom and grandma thought it would be cute to put faces on my baby feet in permanent marker. Just for kicks. Those jerks."

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Yesterday we celebrated 50 days of life thus far with this perfect little girl.

I know we won't always think she's perfect, but for now we sure do.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


  • Every night I read Wuggie Goodnight Moon and every night I notice something new in the illustrations. Like how the mouse is always changing its location, or the clock keeps advancing in 10 minute intervals as it gets closer to bedtime. I love those little details.
  • The thing I miss most from my old life? Being in the kitchen and having the luxury of time to make a great dessert. I know that part will get better, for now I'm just dreaming of this or this.
  • However, I think I could sneak away to make oatmeal. I've been experimenting with different oatmeal recipes (it helps boost milk supply--there's a whole world of info I'm obsessing learning about). First there was a slow cooker one with dried figs. Not so much. This one looks better.
  • Is it so ridiculous that I've printed out stationery with Mila's name on them already? Little girls love seeing their name in print. She'll be able to write before I can blink anyhow (how can she be seven weeks already?!). The adorable download is here.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Weekend deliciousness

Let's see, there was some bathing and nudity mixed in with bumbo-ing.

p.s. See the 'About me' section. Yes, this has turned into Mila's little corner for now. It's either that or pictures of me nursing and pumping, nursing and pumping, rinse and repeat.

Baby wins every time.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Shoot-Along Challenge: Feet Portraits

Check out Giver's Log for details. I did something like this well over a year how times have changed.
Fun fact: Mila and I have the same toes. Monkey toes.

And so it begins.

When you have a little girl, you're either for or against the flowery headbands. It's inevitable. Mila's papa is decidedly not a fan; me, I like them if done right (no silk flowers). Marmousch crocheted this and I think it's perfect. From this pattern.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Friday, 1 October 2010

One month

Mila turned one month old last Wednesday. I had written this mushpot sappy love letter to her but I think for now at least I'll be keeping it private. All I know for sure is I want to do right by her. And that I love her so much I can't stand it.
but p.s. raise your hand if you've ever feared your infant? As in, you finally get her to sleep, tiptoe exhausted into your bed and as you are slipping your feet into the warmth of the comforter hear a sudden WOO! coming from her crib's direction and your heart somersaults a beat as you fear she's awake again. Luckily my daughter is just a noisy sleeper and nine times out of ten it's just an isolated WOO! but still.