Thursday, 1 July 2010

31 weeks

I found out that bunny has flipped with noodle facing down (!). I love this foot (it was a foot, not a hand. ha! so much for the mama instinct) that pokes and stretches all day long.

I'm still running. Not so many miles, but oh how I try and am always happier for it when I'm done. Steve said that when I run I look "more pregnant than ever" what with everything jiggling around. Sounds like an attractive sight. So I asked him to take some photos of me while running to capture the good, bad, and the ugly. For posterity's sake.

Then last Saturday as I was running the bridge a trio of peeps came up alongside me and one asked when I was due. I took out my earphones to hear her friend shouting to the other two that they had no excuse not to get their butts up that bridge since this crazy pregnant lady was doing it. It was heartwarming.

And then five minutes later a walker looked at me like I had leprosy. I don't even need my ipod; the reactions alone are entertainment. 


Yummy food. Peanut butter rice krispy treats. Coconut + lime waffles. Pizza. Peach + creme fraiche pie.

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