Wednesday, 28 July 2010

35 weeks

Last Tuesday I was treated to the sweetest surprise baby shower by my co-workers. I was so touched. And I may have squealed. You know you work with a wonderful group of people when they go out of their way to make one of your favorite and most talked-about cakes: nutella. I'm happy that this isn't another travel assignment that I have to up and leave in a few months.

After the shower, I was home for about five minutes before I started playing. While Steve was installing the new car seat I was getting to know my new sling (it's the Maya Wrap and isn't the print gorgeous?). As was Bruno who's usually the unfortunate victim with all this baby business. Then we strapped the sock monkey into the car seat and practiced clicking it in and out of the base. Like Marmousch says when I'm in the middle of folding and re-folding baby clothes--I am playing house. Don't burst my bubble, ok?

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