Thursday, 31 January 2013

Homemade donuts.

We're starting our Mardi Gras celebrating early this year. First up were donuts yesterday. Marmee makes them every year, just like Nonna did and does. Now she has a sous chef. 

Mila patiently waited for those delicious puffs of dough to fry up, eagerly chewed with her tummy sticking way out in that Wugs way, and uttered just one proclamation: 

"This donut is good."

Did I mention this all went down as she stood on top of a picnic table bench? That girl. I love her.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A few Christmas pictures.

Last night I finally got around to ordering a few wallet prints for our 2012 Christmas tree ornaments. I know, I know.

Mila's is classic Wugs: in her red bolo tie, that sparkly fringe tree she was nuts about for 24 hours, taken right after Christmas Eve mass which we spent in the cry room with our over-tired, nap-skipping toddler. Dani's is quintessential scrub monkey Dani Lu, taken in a rare moment alone just her and I in our empty California apartment the day before we moved. I was packing up Christmas lights and it occurred to me that my angel baby had to be enveloped in them. 

I think they're a perfect capture of each personality during this season of their lives. And here's a few contenders that may not have made the tree but I love just the same.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Elf hats, babies, and our first night home.

Baaaaaack! We've been in Florida for a little over one month now and tonight is our first night sleeping in our new (temporary!) apartment. I thank God for my parents. I'm in Marm withdrawal tonight but it's so wonderful knowing that we'll see her tomorrow and not months from now as it's been the last couple years. And for once it's been so nice moving into a place with calm, taking a few days to unpack and put things in a little semblance of order before we actually had to live in this space. I'm ridiculously grateful for that little grace.

I had big plans (big! huge!) for when I eventually started posting again to put a bunch of December pictures on the blog. There was Santa, Dani turned one month old, we visited San Francisco a few more special times before we moved, then oh yeah we moved, Christmas came and Santa did his magic, Dani turned two months old...I could go on you know. But now here it is, 12:03 on January 22nd and I'm wanting to keep my feet firmly rooted in 2013. Not that the end of 2012 wasn't stupidly and undeservedly good to our little family; quite the contrary. And who's to stop me from posting those pictures at some point?! But for now I'll post a couple from today. My girls in their elf hats (just when I get done saying I'm not going to be posting about Christmas!), a yearly tradition in which Marmousch keeps crocheting more stripes as their brains and heads grow.

I'll just focus on today then. I've been doing a lot of 'one day at a time' mantras anyway--is there any other way when you've got two littles, and there are moments when one is angrily crying and the other is furiously crying? Like several of those moments in an hour? 

And our good friends had their baby boy today. We're so excited to meet him. We're so happy to be back.