Thursday, 24 January 2013

A few Christmas pictures.

Last night I finally got around to ordering a few wallet prints for our 2012 Christmas tree ornaments. I know, I know.

Mila's is classic Wugs: in her red bolo tie, that sparkly fringe tree she was nuts about for 24 hours, taken right after Christmas Eve mass which we spent in the cry room with our over-tired, nap-skipping toddler. Dani's is quintessential scrub monkey Dani Lu, taken in a rare moment alone just her and I in our empty California apartment the day before we moved. I was packing up Christmas lights and it occurred to me that my angel baby had to be enveloped in them. 

I think they're a perfect capture of each personality during this season of their lives. And here's a few contenders that may not have made the tree but I love just the same.

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