Friday, 23 July 2010

33 weeks

My beach ball bump, in honor of my summertime (and the living is easy) baby. 

At the 33 week appointment my midwife was about to set the doppler on me, felt le belly and asked if I was having a contraction since everything was so firm. Nope, what are you talking about?! I haven't had a contraction yet. Um, yes, you are--that's a Braxton-Hicks contraction. Swallow. Oh. Really? That's a Braxton-Hicks? I had never given that sensation a second thought. Even though I had read and heard from friends about this tightening feeling that is Braxton-Hicks, I had just thought it would feel different. Like those first baby kicks way back when. But I liked how my midwife explained it--just my body exercising its muscles in preparation for the big day.

But the greatest thing that happened in week 33? Steve started the day position which we've been patiently waiting for since he began working at the hospital six months ago. Which means that life can start resembling normal again and I don't have to envision myself alone with an inconsolable baby at 3 am. Because there's safety in numbers, right? At least we'll be happily clueless together.
Favorite foods
cannoli + watermelon popsicles

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