Wednesday, 9 June 2010

28 weeks

In my 28th week of pregnancy I turned 31. I'm a year younger than my nonna was before she had Marmousch. And then she went on to have four more, so I think I'm doing just fine. Still don't feel a day over 18.

This was the first week of my third trimester, and I'm officially in shit-or-get-off-the-pot mode. As in, I want things done now. As in I'm driving my very patient husband crazy. The ceiling fan? I want it installed. I want these shelves removed. I want to rearrange furniture in the baby's room again. Poor pook. Poor everyone. Lamb has started to joke that I'm running a sweatshop with Marmousch as my lone employee to get knitting and sewing projects done and she's only half kidding. There is a huge push to get things done and ready. I guess this is nesting.

But by far the greatest thing from this week was the sudden shift I felt in bunny's movements. Not so quick and jerky anymore, they've become more slow and deliberate with lots of...stretching, it feels like. Starting Wednesday there was a hand just hanging out near my belly button (or where it used to be, anyway). I could feel it right below the skin. I was going up to people at work saying come feel the hand that's in my belly! I mean here I am, playing pat-a-cake with my kidley, pushing on this hand as if it's my own personal stress ball. And getting pushed back!
How amazing is this?

The food I fed.
fried zucchini blossoms
octopus salad
arancini di riso
roast chicken with dates and farro
strawberry and vanilla birthday cake
and that was just my birthday dinner... Thank you Marmousch (+ Steve for cake)
chocolate-and-cheesecake birthday cake (thank you co-workers)
California and crab rolls (thank you Kat and Tim for celebrating with us)

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Debbie Faulkner said...

Hi Tania,

I was looking up a girlfriend I use to go to school with, and I came across your name as I was typing in her name in my browser. I started thinking of all the goofy times when we would laugh at the most stupidness things, but that is what it was like working at Napa State Hospital.

I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your blessed event, and wish you and Steve all the joy and happiness life has to offer. I know that having a baby with the person you love is the most precious gift two people can give each other, and you will be a wonderful mom. I know you had written for me not to contact you again, but this is a very special event that I hope you do not mind me acknowledging.

For me, being a mom has been my greatest accomplishment. I also feel that being a mom is the one thing I have done right due to the fact that Michael has made some major accomplishments in life. He has relocated to Rochester, NY to begin his journey as an Audiologist performing his clinical rotation.

Sorry for rambling, but I did want to take a moment to congratulate both you and Steve. No need to respond. Your baby is a very lucky baby with having such great parents.

Take care, and I wish you every bit of happiness and good health.