Sunday, 20 June 2010

Father's Day

He doesn't think he's worthy of the Happy Father's Day words because our permanent houseguest isn't here yet, but who else but a Dad would run out and buy a blender the day those lines showed up on the pee stick so he could make the mother of his future child super healthy protein shakes? Who else but a Dad would patiently allow a crazy pregnant woman's ranting 2 am phone call at his place of work when the toilet is overflowing and she is having a meltdown which would rival that of any toddler? Who else but a Dad would spend his days off stripping and priming and painting his babe's crib and room walls just to make its environment a little more cheery?  Who else but a Dad would go with his wife to a breastfeeding class and bravely endure blush-inducing questions directed at him and only him: does it hurt when your nipples are pulled on? (I am dead serious, that happened.)

My man. I gave him an extra big hug before he left for work tonight.

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