Sunday, 20 June 2010

29 weeks

I am behind on posting these.
The shot above was taken a few weeks after finding out I was pregnant. I bought the dress, stuffed a pillow down it, and tried to imagine what I'd look like at this point (then I stood on a stepstool because no, I am not that tall).

Now here I am in my 29th week. 

 Whatcha think? Was I way off base? Although truthfully, I think when I took that picture seven months ago I never really thought we'd be here. This is all going by much too fast.

My favorite pregnancy-related thing that happened this week was between Steve and I. This was the week I really started thinking about labor and birthing. I have no earthly idea what to expect and have been trying to read about relaxation and visualization techniques to draw upon--somewhere I heard that holding ice cubes in your closed hands and focusing on your breathing is good preparation. I wanted to try it and right away Steve was all enthusiastically, "I'll do it with you!"

And the second my husband put the cubes in his hands his face fell and he quietly, decidedly-not-so-enthusiastically said,  
"This is going to be really difficult."
I could not stop laughing. I say it all the time but he really does it for me. Never a dull moment.

oh yeah, favorite foods I fed the bunny this week:
blueberry granita with whipped cream
tomatoes stuffed with rice
panzanella bread salad
ham + cheese bagel sammiches, yum
the lightest and crispiest waffles ever (the first recipe)

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