Thursday, 28 October 2010

At the Pumpkin Patch

We wanted to go to the pumpkin patch today.

Mila was up for the adventure.

So we got her dressed for the occasion.

After an initial meltdown en route, she settled in for a nap.

A power nap that is. She woke up 5 minutes later suspicious of our plans.

Another meltdown when we arrived at the pumpkin patch. But I popped her in the sling, danced around, and she calmed down. Really calmed down.

We felt badly waking her up just for a photo op. We're horrible parents.

At first she didn't know what hit her.

And then she realized. 
p.s. Yes, that's a ghost on Mila's first tutu. Isn't it awesome? From Pumpkin Baby Designs, as seen here.

Not even Dad could calm her down.

Or her beloved Nonna.
Nonna made her spiderweb kimono by the way.

And then we did something really stupid. 
We tried again for the money shot....
I wonder if this is a taste of what's to come when we meet Santa in a couple months.

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