Wednesday, 12 May 2010

24 weeks

Took me long enough to post, didn't it? Sorry, I've been sick. I guess that will be mentioned in next week's 25 weeks post.

We finally had an ultrasound done at 24 weeks, since it was the first week our insurance kicked in. I know. But that's us. Up until now we hadn't seen the little bean, only heard him or her via the doppler. Which, don't get me wrong, I love that swishswishswishswishswishswish of baby's heartbeat, but was simply beside myself in the waiting room at the thought of being able to at last see this little soul. After seeing it on TV and in film all my life, it was surreal to be the one laying on the table having warm gel rubbed on my belly. I think I'll stick with that word, surreal. At one point the baby turned and looked in our direction and its mouth opened and closed--almost like a gummy smile. Super sweet, right?

And that is how my husband, proud father-to-be, got to calling our creation Skeletor. SKELETOR. Skelly for short.

This is our favorite ultrasound picture. Rosie (or Ronald) the Riveter! 

In other bump happenings, let's see...running has gotten a lot easier after (duh) cutting up some yoga pants so it wouldn't cut into my stomach. That, and a boatload of water before runs. I know all the pee spots on all my routes and I ain't afraid to use 'em.

The sphere's getting bigger, isn't it? My bag of clothes marked after pregnancy is getting bigger and bigger. See you on the flip side, skinny jeans. And button-down shirts. And did I mention how I finally worked up the nerve last week to measure my bra size? There's this awesomely handy online tool where you put in the circumference of the top part of your chest, then the measurement at the biggest part of your chest, and then click on a button marked Click here for bra size. Then ta da! Except in my case it was more like WHAAAAAAAAT? I texted Steve my new size and all he wrote back was one word: 


This whole 40 weeks is one big wow.

Foods I loved, loved, loved this week:
Crispix cereal in whole milk (that damn whole milk!)
chocolate cake
turkey, cream cheese, and apple sandwich at The Red Onion
Meyer lemon cake

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