Sunday, 2 May 2010

23 weeks

Sorry...late again. The photo was taken last week when we were kickin' it on a little getaway. A much needed recharge.

All that's on my mind these days is life with our bunny. Trying to appreciate and not take for granted these last few months that it's just the two of us, but it's hard not to daydream, however unrealistic it may be. Mommy and Me yoga down the street from our house on Thursdays. Going to parks. Marmousch and friends coming for little visits where we just sit and stare at this little one. I met a nurse at work the other day and, within 30 seconds of sizing up each other's stomachs, we found out our due dates were one week apart. In the next 30 seconds we were hugging like we were long-lost besties. The next time I see that girl I am getting her email and phone number just in case she (or I) gets put on bedrest and we can't work. Future playdates--it's funny how you gravitate towards people in your same life stage as you.

About the appreciating part that I mentioned above--I mean it. I know every iota of our life is about to change. And I know we'll love the new life.

But. Lately I'm holding tighter to those little moments--like sitting on the couch talking at the end of the day. Sometimes not having to talk. Collapsing on the bed when we need a break. Cooking together. Huddling around the laptop catching up on our shows. Changing plans as we go. Blasting the 60's Revolution music channel as loud as we want. Being able to put all my energy into planning his birthday, or a surprise for Nurse's Day (Happy Nurse's Day by the way--tell them how much you appreciate them!), or our anniversary. I once heard that if you put your marriage first then the rest will fall into place. The rest being the raising wonderful kids part. I believe that, I really really do, but know it's going to take a conscious effort on our parts to integrate from here on in.

Anyhoo. 23 weeks. Starting the home stretch of the 2nd trimester. It was the week that Steve got to finally park in the Expectant Mothers spot at Babies R Us, huge thrills all around for my husband. The week we decided on the last "big" piece of furniture for the baby's room. The week I got my second-ever prenatal massage, cutout cushion for belly and all.

These days, I am way too lucky.

Foods I dreamed about to get me through the workday:
lobster roll
any kind of candy but especially Swedish fish
sickeningly sweet birthday cake, the kind that always seem to be at office parties
frozen Reese's pieces

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