Tuesday, 27 April 2010

22 weeks

Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Pictures taken and writing written last week, honest. But I'm just now getting around to pressing 'publish.'

Still here, getting bigger every day. Getting more and more comments and opinions every day. Pregnancy is full of such interesting jargon--due, expecting, showing...and pop. You've popped! 

Running has suddenly gotten more difficult this week. That awesome (and necessary) rhythmic component of running is having a rough time keeping up with all these changes. Some days I get out there and my stomach feels like a lead ball not wanting to join in with the rest of my body. And some days are better than others. I wonder how this will pan out? Still, regardless of the quality of my runs it always feels wonderful afterwards to at least have done something.

We are chipping away at our to-do list. And I'm coming dangerously close to knowing our credit card number by heart from all the online ordering going on. The last time that kind of memorization happened, a wedding occurred shortly thereafter which--while beautiful--became a little bigger than the both of us. Steve tries his best to reign me in, and it usually goes something like this:

Tania: Oooh, a package! I wonder who it's from? One of our friends must have sent us a gift!
Steve (insert exasperated tone): Yes. Our friends the Gilt Groupe sent it.
Tania: Oh wow, we're so lucky to have such great friends! That's so sweet of Gilty! I love her. 
Steve: Did we really need this? How much did this cost? Let me see the packing slip.
And I'm running away at this point, or doing a little dance to put a smile on the guy's face. It doesn't take much. Nowadays it seems like he's constantly looking at me as though seeing me for the first time.

 You love being pregnant, don't you? he'll say.
And I honestly do.

Foods that gave me a thrill this week:
beets (?!)
bagel with cream cheese and pepper jam
rhubarb-and-strawberry anything really, but mostly cake and yogurt
frosted flakes with whole milk
vanilla milkshake
goat cheese cheesecake (never actually got to have that, am still dreaming about it in the middle of week 23)

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