Monday, 19 April 2010

21 weeks

Me in my yoga pants, since this was the week I took my first prenatal yoga class.

Another week, flown by. This is all going way too fast. Sure, there's the ick moments (heartburn and tension headaches) but they're far outweighed by all the fabulosity that abounds with being pregnant (people feed you, friends loan you clothes, jeez I sound like a charity case don't I?). But the greatest thing week 21 brought me were without a doubt the kicks. FINALLY! Those kicks that I've been waiting for, those unmistakable pangs that shout, I AM HERE AND HERE TO STAY!

I love those kicks.

These ones are infinitely better than the early stuff, the 17- and 18-week itty-bitty bubblings that made me wonder if I was just imagining the entire thing. You'll just know, people would say. You'll feel a flutter and will know that's it. I was so excited. I decided that wherever I was when I felt that first ka-boom I would let everyone know, be it at work, in line at the post office, whatever. But that moment never came. It took a series of what the...? and is that....? which led to I guess this is...

But now it's like a whole different world in there. So thank you, biscuit, for taking the guesswork away. It's all very sci-fi and wonderful and weird that it's actually happening to me. Steve's even felt, twice now, both times what I think are sweet sweet hiccups. I grabbed his hand and put it on my belly and we could both see my stretched skin jumping every few seconds. We just sat there, enthralled. This kind of entertainment blows our netflix subscription out of the water.

This week Steve discovered the power of the pregnancy card. We were on the wait list at our local breakfast joint when I got the sudden urge to puke my brains out; while I was searching for some discreet vegetation across the street (thankfully didn't end up needing them), Steve went inside and asked for a few saltine crackers for his nauseated and knocked-up wife. And within thirty seconds he had a bowl of saltines and hot-from-the-oven cranberry muffins and the promise that we had been moved up the list to be seated next. Ah yes, the pregnancy card. Good stuff.

I am still eating clear through the state of Florida. These days I sometimes don't even bother to close my mouth while I'm eating so as to inhale more food. The shamelessness is at an all-time high.

Foods I went nuts over this week:
peanut butter, banana, and honey sandwich
whipped tofu and seaweed salad with tamari sauce drizzled on top
Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches
white chocolate bread with peanut butter on top
muffaletta sandwich
roasted rhubarb
orange creamsicle slurpee
rhubarb, banana, and oj smoothie

I can't believe that in less than four months a baby will be here and I'll get to keep it and play with it and hold it and...everything!

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