Sunday, 11 April 2010

20 weeks

Twenty weeks. Halfway, everyone says. Another milestone.

Let's see. This has been a fun week. I think we're hitting our groove. It's wonderful to live in Florida right now and we've been taking advantage of the glorious weather by hopping on our bikes and going to the beach, enjoying the sun (while I babble out loud from my books), then stopping off for food on the way home. Last week it was pizza and stromboli, this morning eggs benny and pancakes.

Anxieties and emotions are being dealt with in a better way, the silly why do we need to buy a rug since the baby can't walk anytime soon argument has been forgiven (Daddy didn't really mean that, baby bear). Yesterday Steve looked at me while I was lying awake in bed and said, "You have no idea how happy this all makes me." Pure joy at that memory, forever and ever. It's really happening. When I'm shopping at Publix or walking through the halls at work I see the eyes darting almost immediately to my stomach. Am I still in the is she or isn't she phase? One of my patients practically jumped out of bed in an effort to grab the bump. I should mention he was an old man, confused like nobody's business. How can something be so sweet and creepy at the same time? Pregnancy seems to elicit all sorts of reactions.

The stripping, sanding, and painting of my crib--Marmousch had saved it all these years-- has begun. Steve has a lot of work ahead of him, but when finished I'm sure it will be something to be proud of. We joke that we'll start a tab for the kiddo for all the hours logged into it. Bill it to baby :)

Foods I got excited over this past week:
nutella (Steve's hiding it as we speak. I had to draw the line.)
donut holes
spring rolls
ham and swiss cheese on a toasted bagel
Indian food: saag paneer and warm naan
grapefruit halves with sugar sprinkled atop
pancakes from The Lemon Tree

a bit from last week's letter:...I wonder which toy or blanket you'll be inseparable with. You know, the one that goes everywhere with you? What kind of theme will you request for your 4th birthday party? What weird foods am I going to be successful at getting you to like? What nutty things are you going to say that we'll be repeating for years to come?
Can't hardly wait.

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