Wednesday, 19 May 2010

25 weeks

The week started out with a wonderful Mother's Day and ended with a relaxing Saturday swimming in Marmee's pool and hunting for bathing suits. Bathing suit tops, I should say. "What are you going to wear with this, shorts?" asked a cashier seconds after inquiring about my due date. Lady, I'm going to wear the same bikini bottoms I've always worn--it's not my arse that's grown (yet)!

The initial glitch in the week came in the form of a phone call from work telling me that a patient I had seen had just been diagnosed with shingles. Lovely! But finally--missing the 3rd grade field trip to SeaWorld because of chicken pox was now paying off--since it meant that shingles exposure weren't gonna bother this pregnant lady. I am passing onto butterball those antibodies as we speak. I wasn't as lucky with exposure to some apparent stomach bug that's going from patient to staff to patient to staff at work. Too bad it hit me the night before we were supposed to go to Disney. The people in the next hotel room must have thought they had found themselves straight up on the studio backlot of The Exorcist from all the sounds being heard through the thin walls. Sorry, whoever you are.

And exciting news: crib! is up! I love it and am so proud of my man. All those hours he put into its refinishing guilted me into promising him that this kid is going to be in that crib 'till entering high school. At least. The 'baby's room' is actually starting to look like a baby's room now. No baby yet, but we have a Bruno who claimed the changing pad atop the dresser as his own personal perch within minutes. The boys know something's up. We are in trouble.

Foods that kept me happy last week:
strawberries dipped in creme fraiche and brown sugar
spinach dosa (nugget gave me the strongest kicks to date after this one)
a 99 year-old's chocolate birthday cake. He threw up right after blowing out the candles (not on the cake) and everyone lost their appetite for a slice but me. Not weird at all, right?
chilaquiles from San Francisco's ferry plaza farmer's market. I had to settle for enchiladas verdes. Tough life :)

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