Tuesday, 12 May 2009

feet. (mostly) my feet.

This was hard at first but once I started found it fun. I am unravelling one toe at a time.

my been-through-it-all hiking boots. I am never, ever letting go of these. they represent a turning point in my life--of getting out and doing stuff in every spare moment, not just sitting around wanting to.

one last shot of tweed. I can't help myself sometimes.

in the parallel bars at work. we bring patients here to start taking steps for the first time after a health setback. I would have loved to get a shot of my feet during an actual transfer, but things understandably get a little busy in those moments.

I am actually cheating here as this was taken 2 years ago at the four corners (where UT, AZ, NM, and CO meet). but it's a snapshot in time of our roadtripping ways. 20 years from now: honey, remember when we jumped in the car and explored Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, and got to the 4 corners 5 minutes before it closed? And then the police pulled us over for speeding and...

I know, monkey toes.
where we are lucky to live

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