Monday, 4 May 2009


I am going out on a limb and taking an e-course. It looks lovely and I'm excited. A little nervous, too. But I feel strongly about getting out of my comfort zone more and more.

p.s. fun tweed ride pictures are a-coming.


kompoStella said...

hullo there -
found you while unravelling.
i recognize the little nervous twinge! looking forward to step outside the comfort zone with you!

sas said...

what a gorgeous feet photo.
sas (unraveller)

Tania said...

hi kompoStella, I am (tentatively?) enjoying the unravelling, but admittedly still get nervous whenever I sign onto the main page and see a new assignment posted. I've loved seeing your photostream on flickr. you?

sas, thank you! husband has such nice feet--albeit fred flintstone toes ;)