Sunday, 3 May 2009

our weekend

went like this, but not in this order:
san francisco
deep-dish pizza
teardrop bud vases
baby clothes
yucky stomach bug
made-to-order cotton candy
makeshift high school reunion in our living room, UK style
ogling & criticizing homes on
dancing in our living room
oeufs (eggs) at 10 pm
new ipod playlists
watching it rain
cooking together
vacation planning
tormenting Brunie
cheerios with juicy strawberries
fort mason modern economy sample sale
huddling at the laptop watching The Office
making lemongrass ginger granita
drinking my favorite tea two days in a row
laughing harder than I have all week talking on the phone with my sister lamb


Jennifer White said...

Stopping by to take a look from our shared Unravelling course with Susannah... you have a lovely blog and I love the list of what you did over this weekend...what a list!

Tania said...

Jennifer, thank you for the kind words! to be fair I had a 3-day weekend and a lot of un-fun things fell by the wayside. I am far too good at procrastinating.