Tuesday, 9 June 2009

on our trip, to remember fo-evah

Our trip was everything a vacation should be. I know these sound silly & random but I want to keep'em.

the hidden chalk kitty we could see from our window in Vancouver (I stumped Steve on I Spy with my Little Eye)

Mavis, the dog at the Fairmont in Vancouver, who was originally a guide dog but ended up getting "fired" because she was too friendly. I love that.

the recording of chirping birds to indicate you can cross the city streets of Vancouver if you're on foot

the exuberant staff at Guu, an izakaya bar, who are constantly shouting welcome! and thank you! and she'll have an order of squid legs!...in japanese to the line cooks up front. and it's not for a tourist-y show, either;

the hoodles-like 8-person tugboat that takes people to Granville Island

our izakaya crawl

our souvenirs: a ceramic milk jug with a chalk label, the most beautiful mulberry silk yarn I've ever laid eyes on, chopsticks that say Guu is guuuud!, a new favorite piece of pottery

seeing bears for the first time since 2006, and remembering what it was like to spot them on the side of the road.

the dancing bonito flakes atop the fried octopus balls at Gyoza King (like rice krispies, or, if we're being honest, like worms)

those first two cups of coffee that we enjoyed at Wicked Cafe in Vancouver

on our last night in Vancouver, running around the city 'till midnight in search of the elusive perfect bowl of ramen like we had our first night there

the entire experience of the winemaker's dinner at the opening night of the Tofino Food & Wine Festival, made even better by the couple that fate put us next to.

making s'mores in our cabin's woodstove

waiting in line to pay homage to the japadog cart in Vancouver

racing each other to the scenic spots for sunsets. the best one was just a 5 minute walk from our cabin.


bald eagles

humpback whales. nothing brings a group of nine strangers on a boat together faster like whales.

hot springs. and lest we forget the annoying guy at the hot springs.

being enthralled in our front-row seats watching the sushi chefs doing their magic at Blue Water's raw bar in Vancouver

sleeping in "our" loft

reading bench plaques dotted along the Wild Pacific trail. I don't know who Jim is but I don't love him!

watching the boat captain check out the cute Danish girl's ass over and over again.

the whale rib, I mean giant walrus tusk, found on Vargas Island--Steve is still lamenting that he didn't find it. Otherwise he surely would have tried to find a way to bring it home.

acting like little kids exploring the ferry to & from the island. I can't imagine us on an actual cruise if we get so excited over a ferry!

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