Friday, 20 July 2012

Mila, a Chamois, and two horses.

As we were driving to our vacation rental from the airport for the first time, I explained to Mila that there would be a puppy named Chamois when we got there. When we opened the car door on her side and Chamois instantly materialized, excited to lick a new face (and what a face!), a delighted Mila simply exclaimed SHAMMY! as if they had known each other a lifetime. And thus it began. Even now, having been home well over a month, a morning doesn't go by that Chamois doesn't get mentioned at least five times. I wish I were exaggerating. And! The horses, a mama and her little boy foal; Mila would go from her Chamois to those horses like a ping-pong ball. Each morning the first words out of her mouth (from bed, mind you) was MOHNING SHAMMY! MOHNING HORSIES! Her and Steve would head outside before breakfast to throw the ball around with Chamois and feed apples to Mila's beloved horses.

So that's my introduction. Mila and her Chamois, Mama Sealy and Baby Stormy. How I love that our daughter feels such a strong connection to animals. I think we're doing something right over here. 

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