Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Goodbye California.

The girls (girls! plural! still gives me a thrill), myself, and my mom (thank you Marm!) will board a plane in a few hours bound for Florida. Steve will drive our swag wagon and join us just before Christmas. 

I wish I could take little pieces of California with me. I would take the two feet of flooring in between our bedroom and living room, where an almost 11-month old Mila took her first steps one amazing day in July. I would take my dear friend Cori and her daughter, Mila's first bestie. I would take chunks of the Golden Gate Bridge, a happy memory when we walked it the day I found out I was pregnant. Prayers were answered here. Prayers went unanswered here. We came as three, we leave as four. I arrived with a heavy heart, having to start over in this new place. Just beginning to trust my mama instincts. Now today at the airport I'll be wearing my littlest baby while chasing after my other one. I would say I grew up here.

We'll miss you California. You've been good to us. 

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