Friday, 21 March 2014

1st Friday of spring

There's a shift in our day's rhythm that's come with the changing season (this is the best time of year to be a Floridian. Not hot. Gorgeous.). With the extra hour of daylight YAY! we've been spending it outside in that glorious bath of afternoon sunlight; gardening, tending to new flowers, new trees, eating mulch (Dani), setting out the bubble machine, making plans for a vegetable garden and a sunflower house, riding bicycles and scooters, eating dirt (again Dani). My parents gave us a barbeque for Christmas (thank you!) and well, grilling. I have a section in my summer recipes folder (yes I have a folder with recipes just for summertime. No shame!) just for grilling that went sadly unused year after year. Not this year! And canoeing. We went today; it was our first attempt with the girls unless you count the time we put Mila in a kayak in Hawaii and she screamed her head off, hating the life jacket. I count that. And in comparison everything went wildly better. Mila was amazing in the canoe, she is absolutely so ready for this stuff. Dani was doing a little up-down up-down I am the captain now thing (good movie! highly recommend) which in theory sounds benign but add wind, strong currents, and an alligator sighting not beached but in the water with us and well, I'm still saying better than the Hawaii moment. This spring's gonna be a good one.

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