Thursday, 25 September 2014

recent little things

Okay! I actually wrote this about two weeks ago, went to hit publish and my computer started freezing and went all 'not responding' on me, so I responded to that by clicking the publish button about 72 times in the next 30 seconds (take that computer!), then gave up and here I finally am again. In other words, not so recent little things? But still things that make me happy.

hammock's up! The second we signed on the house I bought two things: 1) a wooden tree swing and 2) a hammock. I had wanted to string it up between two trees but after living here awhile I know we wouldn't use it as much that way. Not in this season of life, anyway. So I researched non-ugly hammock stands...newsflash, there are some, they're just wildly expensive. So I'm planning my first ever yarn-bombing project. It'll likely take years but I'm nothing if not persistent.

We went grape picking with Marmousch, it was the best! There below an angry sky on the verge of downpouring we picked 11 pounds of muscadine grapes. The next night I attempted a spiced grape jam (just dipping my toes into jam making over here, let's just say I was a inspired last summer). I got distracted and burned it. That happened around midnight. I stomped around and pouted for a good while (girls were in bed so just poor Steve was forced to witness it, he's no stranger to this type of wifely crap). I forged ahead and angrily shoved it into a jar, then tasted it about an hour later before I went to bed. Guys. It was incredible. And I had burned it! This book's a keeper.

Bathtime with papa means the water is deeper, the bubbles are frothier, and I finally have him trained to put a couple drops of lavender essential oil during their bath before bed (or eucalyptus oil if they're congested/coughing). Check out their bubble hats.

Our Friday High Tea was substituted just for this week apple cider bar! Huge hit. These were the toppings: mini marshmallows, vanilla ice cream (ice cream and apple cider for the win, how have we never tried this...said Steve and I), Reese's, candy corn, cinnamon and cinnamon sticks for stirring. Mila dumped too much cinnamon in hers and asked for a do-over and we even ran out and apple juice had to sub.  But the girls were thrilled, that's all I cared about.

Mila's first show and tell last Friday! We practiced at home Thursday evening, her standing up in front of her classmates, introducing herself and telling everyone about her shark teeth that she found with Steve in Virginia's Tappahannock River "while Dani was sleeping in the car" (crucial detail there). In the dry run Mila called it Sarginia which I can only assume is a brain blending of Sardinia and Virginia. Yep. Never a dull moment with these hams.

Dani and I found ourselves a new-to-us library with a great storytime, cozy reading room complete with a Brontosaurus, a park next door with birds upon birds--this girl adores birds. All animals really, but maybe it's the fact that birds are always flitting about so it keeps Dani excited. Very excited. I love, love, love my mornings with Dani so much.

Mila began ballet last week. She's the one who initiated the request for "ballerina classes" and even though I wasn't planning on enrolling her until the winter semester I thought I'd jump where there was a spark of interest. She loved it.
Absolutely was tickled pink by the whole thing and can't wait to go back.

I think Dani could and would try on shoes all day long if I let her. Lately her favorites are a pair of Minnie flops and these wooden heeled ones (both Mila's). And of course what Dani is doing, Mila must do--not the other way around!

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