Sunday, 8 February 2009

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

Although I sound like a broken record, I love living near a big city. Not so much in it, but near it--close enough that it's not a hardship to drive in for a nice dinner, a play, or best of all, the quirky events you only find in big cities. Since 1988 one Jayson Wechter has been organizing a scavenger hunt each year on the night of the San Francisco's Chinese New Year's Parade. That was last night. Steve and I were a team unto ourselves and we had SUCH a great time. Oh my goodness. I loved being able to recognize fellow hunters--they were the ones holding clipboards or wads of the white clue papers and maps, and we were all united on some level. Once we realized we were nowhere near solving all our clues by the deadline of 9:00 pm, we decided to just keep going for fun since we weren't ready to be done, and it got even funner. Well, except when I had to beg, beg Steve not to walk through pitch-black, narrow Cooper Alley in Chinatown (with the homeless man and his sleeping bag sprawled across the middle), when he became convinced that a clue answer would be found there. Because if he went in, I'd have to go in, too.

Anyway. Loved it all. This would certainly be an annual tradition if we lived here permanently.

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