Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter!

This has been such a beautiful day. The alarm went off at 4:45 (discombobulated husband asked, "what are we doing again?" as he struggled to get oriented) so that we could make the trek up to the giant cross atop Mount Davidson in San Francisco for their sunrise service. I'll always remember walking up the hill with dozens of people, all of us bundled up, to the sounds of a band playing the hymn Jesus Christ is Risen Today.

After the service we headed to China Camp State Park for a picnic of deviled eggs, Joy of Eating bread, Cowgirl Creamery Mt. Tam cheese, and mint limeade. Sitting on our blanket overlooking the marshy flats, we saw not a single person on our trail. I adore picnics. So much pleasure from something so simple.

Then after napping I sent Steve over to Heather's while setting up his Easter Treasure Hunt. He had to find 24 eggs with clues such as

so in the southern hemisphere, I would move differently. But would my back look different?


Steve Nero's
The Steve
Steve Pepe's


"Our" counterpart to Prince's #1 Album, but replace the first letter of the second word with the first letters of our names.

which eventually led him to his Easter basket. The clues were a combination of inside jokes, trivia, and plays on different word meanings. And, um, the hunt took him over three hours to complete.

For dinner we had Thai fried hardboiled eggs with tamarind sauce (no cholesterol testing for us tomorrow!) and strawberry and cream pie. Pretty much the perfect day. Not that I like nor want to get used to spending holidays without family, but it seems as though we're getting the hang of it after four years.

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