Monday, 7 December 2009

Cookie Sunday

Yesterday kicked off cookie week. I did this last year and in a bizarre June Cleaver fantasy way I sorta loved it. All year long I squirrel cookie recipes away in a certain clear sheet protector marked Christmas. And yesterday I firmly knotted my favorite apron and set to making 7 batches of cookies. Over the next few days I'll make five more. They're tucked away in our freezer and soon the 12 Days of Cookies can begin, little gifts for family and friends. Hip hip. 

1. Brown-Sugar Brown-Butter Shorties -via Smitten Kitchen
2. Pistachio Cranberry Icebox Cookies - from...I have no idea (sorry)!
3. Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Bites - via Chez Pim
4. New Orleans Pralines - also Chez Pim
4. Apricot Dreams - ??
5. Toasted Pine Nut Cookies - from this NY Times article
7. Viennese Chocolate Sables - via aaplemint
8.  Chocolate "Blocks" with Fruit and Nuts -via Orangette
9. Ginger Snaps - from Alice Waters' The Art of Simple Food
10. Real Danish Butter Cookies -another Orangette
11. Schrafft'sButterscotch Cookies - and another.
12. Chocolate Chip Cookies - mmmm yes, the NY Times recipe

So far the undisputed favorite has been the New Orleans pralines (pronounced PRAH-leans, did you know?). It's so melty that as Steve puts it, is more candy than cookie, but we'll certainly take it. 

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