Thursday, 17 December 2009

il presepio

A presepio is the nativity scene, a collection of miniature houses, people, and animals (most importantly a stable with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus) to represent and honor the most important birthday of all. Marmousch always made an elaborate one for us growing up, typical in Italian homes, and as you can imagine getting to play in this miniature world was a dream come true. This year she gave me the green light to go haywire on the presepio. It may not have been the main reason to move back to my hometown, but it was way up there :) 

Here it is. I am plum proud. Our presepio by Marmousch and I. 

p.s. no baby Jesus yet as that gets put on at midnight by the youngest in the family. We are tradition sticklers 'round these parts.
p.p.s. what, you didn't know there was a gorilla present at the birth of Jesus? 

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Kat said...

Wow! That is amazing - I will never forget the scenes that your mom created when we were little. I remember that she used to use real moss - I always thought that was amazing!