Monday, 25 July 2011


Italy was wonderful, of course. Who doesn't go to Italy and have anything but a wonderful time? Find me that person. My family had seen pictures upon pictures of Mila and we've been skyping since she was days old ...but in person, well, in person it's a different thing entirely. They may have seen her smiles and those big brown peepers, but now they were on the receiving end of those smiles and doe-eyed gazes.

A few other things I'll throw in there. If you go to Italy with your oh-so-squeezable bebe, be prepared for a lot of nothing-off-limits thigh-grabbing and cheek-pinching from complete strangers. If she's mastering how to pull up to stand, how to sit back down and how to cruise on those awfully hard marble floors (poor baby!)...for goshsakes bring along the traumeel and apply it generously and often. And pray that the skull does its job. Don't forget your bathing suit at home because Italian swimsuits are really just reinforced lingerie and quite unflattering on your postpartum I really hate doing sit-ups body. Don't leave the baby non-DEET bug spray at home because you assume it's not mosquito season yet (mosquitoes are always in season). And when you're frustrated because the baby wakes up for the 3rd time in an hour because this house is just so noisy--what with the TV blaring, dog barking, and so many voices that carry (they're not shouting, Italians just talk loudly)--remember that you will miss this when back home. Oh yes, yes you will.

Here are a few of my favorites from our trip. More to come I'm sure. xo

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