Tuesday, 13 December 2011

oops, Advent Calendar 2011

It's a simple one from Martha --every day reveals a different photo for Wugs of her dada's, or her with mama, with papa, beloved Nonna, etc. The pictures are 'laminated' on both sides with contact paper to withstand Wugs lovin' (lots of kisses and toting around). I made one for Marmousch too with all Mila pictures. Does a grandparent ever get tired of photos of their babies' babies? We'll see.

I already have an idea for next year's. I think. I love advent calendars. I saw a draw-your-own one in a store the other day and it nearly blew my mind. The thought of Mila drawing her own pictures in those windows in a few years! Be still my heart.
p.s. Here is last year's, and the year before.

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