Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter 2012

We did the natural egg-dying thing this year (first picture) and I was just eh on the results. These were our best ones, from top to bottom beets, turmeric, blueberries, and spinach leaves. I just read an article on cold-water dying, though, for like 20 plus hours or something, and the accompanying pictures were gorgeous. Who knows...maybe I'll try it out next year? Right now I'm very much over egg decorating/dyeing for a good 11 months (the second picture's blown eggs including my sweet little quail eggs. I'll save these and hopefully add to them next year.)
We picnicked at China Camp in the North Bay...same place we had been 3 years before, just went a little deeper into the park this time to picnic on the beach. 
No food pictures because by the time I reached for the camera it was gone. But I'm still thinking about the deviled eggs and strawberry pavlova...I personally finished both off.
My big regret is not getting a picture of Marmousch, Mila and I on Easter but she was very much a huge part of our Easter Sunday. My heart was so full that she chose to spend her Easter with us.

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