Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter (plus felt carrots)!

Happy Easter! The felt carrots were my felted food last week that never got posted (probably because I didn't finish 'till Sunday?). This week has been felt-free because Marmousch is visiting and I want to enjoy her. Plus you know, we're staying up late doing ridiculous things like sewing an art smock for M. That's going to be filed under the never-again list but I must say it's turning out beautiful (actually Marm is doing like 99.9% of the work. Her sewing skills are just light years better!). 

I'm going to break protocol with those carrots and tuck them in Wugs' Easter basket (although that's not her basket in the picture above, it's Steve's) since I like them so much and think she will, too. Hope your Easter is wonderful. Full of love and family and faith. And a side of deviled eggs too :)

p.s. Wugs' 1st Easter egg hunt was today. Thrilling I tell you! Being a parent is the best thing ever.

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