Saturday, 23 June 2012

These last couple weeks.

We are very slowly trying to feel our way back to some kind of routine  again. Hawaii threw us for quite a loop (a good one), and I swear I  fought hard against getting back into the swing of things. We  don't really have any kind of hard and fast schedule around here  anyways, what with Steve working different days each week, but for Mila I  try to keep a nice rhythm that works for us. Anyhow, here are the last couple weeks, our segue into summer, according mostly to my instagram  account (@taniaweibel).

1. Wildflower spotting  2. Our close Knuffle Bunny-like abandonment of Baa at the beach. 3. In Mila's heaven there is a carousel. 4. Mila watching the roller coaster riders at Train Town. 5. Such joy at playing in the fountain. We get in. Every time. 6. I'm conducting a personal panzanella salad-off this summer. 7. Mila and Mama body-painting afternoon. 8. More panzanella, on heavy rotation around here. 9-12. Strawberry picking! 13. There are also trains in Mila's heaven. 14. Feeding goats. 15. Carousel. 16-17. Strawberries everywhere. 18. Wugs' 1st ferris wheel ride! She loved it. 19. Blimp spotting.

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