Monday, 24 June 2013

Our summer bucket list

    The first official day of summer was Friday so...let's get underway! Actually let's add "Buy a house" to this list as well, shall we? It would add a whole world of possibilities to our summer. To be continued!
I loved last year's fall bucket list, it helped me plan our days and if there's ever a season that you want to savor every last bit of, it's summer. Here goes.

  • make a kite with Mila and fly it
  • play with chalk all afternoon
  • road trip somewhere...anywhere! Georgia's barrier islands vs. the Keys vs. the panhandle We went to Destin!
  • fireworks and sparklers on the 4th
  • finally go geocaching with the girls
  • get ice cream from a neighborhood ice cream truck we *finally* did this, purely on accident, on October 11th! so not summer...but still glorious nonetheless.
  • make cocktails more Lemonade vodka was my favorite.
  • breakfast on the beach
  • picnic at the park
  • go to the beach for a sunset picnic dinner
  • make s'mores
  • visit the zoo
  • go camping
  • have a water gun fight
  • go to the farmer's market for Saturday breakfast
  • stay out late one night going in search of turtles hatching on the beach
  • go to a waterpark 
  • take Wugs to her first movie
  • take Wugs to her first play!
  • take Wugs bowling
  • make homemade ice cream sandwiches
  • make glowing paint jars (thanks Diana!) 
  • make Mila her own treasure bag for collecting things on our walks 
  • face-painting at home
  • food truck night It was such a huge turnout we ended up leaving rather than wait 2 plus hours for dinner! But we'll try again in September.
  • popsicles!
  • lemonade!
  • make butter by shaking cream! (not sure what this has to do with summer but I'm going with it) 
  • Perfect the double hammock back carry with my woven wrap--again, not summer-y at first glance but it will surely help us be more comfortable when out and about (ergo be HOT!)
  • Family bike rides once we get Dani Lu Who equipped

  • Summer! We love you!

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