Saturday, 3 August 2013

This week.

Oh, this week. This week I tried to sign a credit card receipt with a straw (ironically it was while buying an iced coffee) and sprayed bathroom cleaner on the stain of my skirt. Yeah, I've been tired some. And on Thursday I had the bright idea to attempt going to the beach with the kiddos and roped my poor pregnant girlfriend and HER toddler son into it. It was not our finest hour. And we fired our realtor, which did not go over well as those things tend not to do. But there have been a lot of wonderful moments. I got to nap with Dani almost every day this week (I *think* I finally have the girls napping at the same time in the afternoons! And with that, Mila is going to promptly drop her nap. That's how it goes.) Mila and I got to go on not one but two dates. Oh, and little Dani is crawling now! AND

...the very next day she pulled up to stand (stop it. stop it right now.). I'm kind of loving those pictures of her using her sister as a foot- and handhold. It represents the turning of the tide--all along I've been telling Mila how she would be getting mobile, getting into everything, and to get ready. And now it's happening. 

 And today Dani and I went to the Big Latch On for Breastfeeding Week. Happy world breastfeeding week! I don't talk about it enough (or maybe to some people I talk about it too much!?! Ha!) but breastfeeding is one of my proudest achievements as a mother. At the end of this month I'll have been nursing for three straight years. It's all a post for another day (maybe when I'm not so tired and it's not nearing midnight), but for now to quote a pamphlet I saw today...celebrate, educate, and (my favorite) normalize.


The best thing I made in our kitchen this week.

Steve and I are watching this movie right now (it takes us three nights to watch a movie these days. Life right now.) I read the book when we were on the Vietnam leg of our SE Asia trip and it's bringing back so many wonderful memories.

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots singing Blurred Lines with Robin Thicke. Love it. Can't get enough. Also I need a banana maraca.

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