Friday, 13 September 2013

A lil' party.

We threw Mila a little party on the Saturday after her birthday, nothing huge but it was the first birthday being back home where we actually had more than  two people to invite. Until then the California birthdays consisted of our dear friends Rylan and Cori, our huge supports and constant partners in crime on lots of adventures we had in those first couple years. And of course my parents, who never miss their girls' birthday. Which don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining! I loved those simple little birthday 'parties' and they'll forever hold a special place in my heart. But since being back Wugs has been to a few of our friends' birthday parties and she catches on quick, that girl. She knew that when her turn came around she was getting a party. With cake. And singing. And she was going to get the first piece of cake because dangit, she always had to wait her turn when it was other peoples' big day. These are the issues that weigh on one's mind when you're turning three. I don't know if we'll always do the party thing but this is how we did it for three.

I kept trying to explain the concept of a party theme...what do you like? what is your favorite thing? what would you like your party to be about? but Mila kept coming back to one singular focus. Cake. So cake it was. It spawned these invites, which once armed with an electric knife was actually an easy project. Wugs, Dani and I walked to the post office to mail them and the older gentleman behind me in line not-so-quietly asked the teller DID SHE JUST MAIL SLICES OF CAKE? when he thought we were out of earshot. Haha.
this is the only shot I've got of one! I could kick myself for not taking a pic of them all clustered together..late night crafting...bad lighting...that's my excuse anyway.

Everything else fell into place with the help of some organized planning. And some late nights but that's how I tick. The balloons' fringe I made using tissue paper I already had on hand and together Marm and I have a pretty rockin collection of blankets and tablecloths which we put to work on my parents' front lawn, complete with a slip 'n slide (is it just me or have these gotten waaaaaaay smaller since we were kids? or is it just one of those nostalgic things that are better in the mind than in reality?), kiddie pool meant for giant bubbles that didn't quite...bubble, and sprinklers. And I wasn't going to include a pinata (I know, even after my profession of pinata love!) but I saw one for $20 at Kmart and doctored it up with crepe paper in colors I liked. Clearly they're way young for the pinata stage yet but we all had a good laugh about how much pent-up frustration Steve was getting out by helping the littles with their whacks. Oh and bitter side rant, don't buy the huge 32" balloons calling your name online without calling your local party store first and verifying that it will not require a kidney plus a goodly wad of cash for them to inflate. You know, 'cause you may end up with some unused balloons that are "non-returnable." Bitter side rant over.

the littlest party guest :)

M requested chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting.

kindly note my number 3 cake :) and another M request, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting.

Squirreling away her cake as though it were matchsticks in a blackout.

"soon it's my turn." Sob.


she may be 3 but she still has the toddler belly. So I'm okay with it. Mostly.

oh those cheeks.

Mila pretty much spent the entire party with this little lady. Completely smitten. Little mama Wugs.

And in case you were wondering, Mila did get that first piece of cake. Oh yes. 

We love celebrating you, Wugs.

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