Thursday, 12 September 2013

Turning 3.

Mila's birthday was two weeks ago. I think in her mind it took forever to get here, she had been rotely saying August twenty-ninth in her little singsong voice so proudly for so long now that when I announced it was August one morning she was all, Um, why are you guys not celebrating me yet? As it is with littles. They anticipate and anticipate and anticipate and you just hope you can do everything in your power to make it as amazing as they're hoping for.

The night before her birthday along with her usual bedtime prayer and Edelweiss singing Steve and I read Mila this poem from The Birthday Book:
When I have said my evening prayer, 
And my clothes are folded on my chair, 
And mama and papa switch off the light,
I'll still be two years old tonight. 
But from the very break of day,
Before the children rise and play
Before the darkness turns to gold,
Tomorrow, I'll be three years old...
3 kisses when I wake,
3 candles on my cake.
A goodnight kiss for the two year old
To send her to sleep and dreaming
And blessings on the three year old
Who'll climb out of bed in the morning.

Wugs had a few sweet requests for her birthday that we did our best to honor. 1) Breakfast in bed. 2) Hide all her presents "in the bushes." (I think she was remembering Easter on that one? Since we don't have an outside space of our own yet we hid presents around our apartment.) 3) Dinner at Sonic -and this is crucial- in the car. (One time! We went one time to Sonic when we were in a bind and it's ruined her palate for all other foodie adventures! Sheesh. It's like the chicken mcnugget fiasco last summer.)

Huge thank you's to the Best Papa Ever for getting up at five am for a donut run in the name of Wugs' breakfast. And, funny story, the night before after Steve and I had blown up balloons and gleefully chucked them into sleeping Mila's room we were taping up crepe paper streamers in the doorway--this is midnightish mind you--and we suddenly hear a tremendous POP from inside the room. We looked at each other, jaws gaped like there goes the neighborhood! We both had the same vision of balloons popping all over the place, waking up a scared Mila, and I was terrified that the gigantic gold number 3 balloon I ordered online was going to go to waste. But thankfully it was just the one rogue balloon that popped. Crisis averted. Sigh of relief for the tired parents.

It was a great day. Marmousch was with us most of the day so Mila was on cloud 9. There was a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, and after our dutiful Sonic dinner we headed to the beach for sparklers. Had it been up to Dani she would have gone swimming in that salty water, that nugget is ready to go. But the newly-crowned 3 year old was thrilled just to run like a flitting sandpiper bird in the sand, chasing the waves and in turn getting chased by her Papa. 

My late summer girl, my firstborn, who was a week late to the party and likely would've stayed inside me longer had medical intervention not taken over. Stubborn as ever. Beautiful as ever. Perfect in every way for us. I still (often!) turn to Steve and say we made that! and yet she's her own person now, she's taking off running in every sense of the word and we are so honored to be on this wild ride with her. Love you Wugs. Happy THREE.

poor Marm crammed in the disappearing middle seat

photoshoot at Sonic! keepin' it classy.

don't let that face fool you...she LOVED it.

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