Tuesday, 29 April 2014

bits of Easter

matching skirts for the girls
watching Dani totally hone in on eggs. She got it. not even 1 1/2 years old! I was impressed.
Easter vigil. thank goodness for cry rooms where Dani is boss and there are new books to read.
warthogs and raccoons and armadillos and God only knows what else getting to most of the cascarones and a lot of the plastic eggs.
oh and ants.
Marmee's bunny paw prints. Marmee is THE original pinterest.
Mila picking up on the song THEY CALL ME JANE...THAT'S NOT MY NAME THAT'S NOT MY NAME THAT'S NOT MY NAME which she heard at the egg hunt booming out their booty music. Thanks Indian River County recreation department.
Dani danced to WANT YOU TAKE ME TO...FUNKYTOOOOOOWN. okay now that was cute.
my annual rant on the absence of egg hunts. there are only egg grabs where they toss a gajillion eggs on the lawn and you trample one another to grab them. it's lovely, and there are helicopter parents all over the place. thus the instant gratification attitude of generations continue. 
we will always have an egg HUNT at our house.
lollipops where the jellybeans were planted. magic jellybeans, given to us by the Easter bunny. as the Easter bunny does.
Mila's favorite thing to find inside eggs: jellybeans!
but really. she was excited about everything. 3 1/2 oozes joy.
and tyranny.
not the girls. 
not me. 

I think it's fair to say I'm obsessed with Scrubby.

I know this pic is blurry but in it I see a glimpse of teenage Mila. And for that, it stays.

chewing on our lip, like mother like daughter

this was pre church for the Saturday Easter vigil

Steve is having a rough 2014. I'm sorry, husband. 

nibbled carrots and egg shells. proof that the bunny came.
one glove. OJ? MJ? no it's Steve.
new fairy wings.
paper flowers. it's becoming tradition.
actually they were made from cornhusks. not sure if I'll be working with that medium again. 
I just used the word 'medium' in a sentence about me. how obnoxious?! blargh.
too late to bloom wheatgrass. yarn grass instead.
chocolate bunnies. duh.
but Steve pointed out that they were hollow. because i guess we all need more chocolate?
pavlova. it's becoming tradition.
deviled eggs. duh.
Easter baskets containing new bathing suits (deeply established tradition) and saltwaters. summer!
Wal-mart sells cascarones now. they're cheeeeeeaaaap. I might've just blown out my last egg.
probably not. next year I'm resurrecting the egg tree again.
I stockpiled those cascarones as if the apocalypse was coming and we'd be switching over to cascarones currency. In that case we're all set guys. 
Dani's first official egg hunt was a cascarones egg hunt. right on, Dani Lu. 

not an Easter we'll soon forget, mostly because of poor Steve's shingles. Oof. We're still in the thick of it. It wasn't lost on us, though, that it was our first here in this house and therefore pretty special. These 3 acres are gonna see some spectacular hunts during the Weibel era. I just gots a feeling.

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