Thursday, 17 April 2014


Since this afternoon my heart has been a jumbled mess as I've seen one of my dearest friends experience every parent's worst nightmare. Her wonderful son, Mila's age almost exactly, has been in the hospital very unexpectedly and they've been facing some horrific uncertainties. Thankfully, very very thankfully our deepest fears aren't coming to fruition and although he's not out of the woods yet, they are getting some answers and they are hopeful. I am thankful, relieved, and likely will be crying again soon. Isn't it scary, isn't it all so fragile--in an instant your entire landscape can shift so dramatically.

Maybe soon I'll post about our fun little Easter egg hunts we've been doing with the girls, and our new gardening adventures, or plans for fairy houses, or all the fun we had last month. March was good to us. Shoot, April's been good to us. But for now I'm just holding these people I love the most in this world a little tighter today, saying yes a lot more, and appreciating things that often get taken for granted.

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