Monday, 20 July 2009

How to pass the time.

Or, what I'm doing when I'm not trying to put a smile on husband's face as he fights off demon nausea and Satan headache (for this I resort to dancing Irish jigs).

-Finished another baby hat, Waltzer, in a soft mauve cotton yarn (from this awesome pdf file)
-Made a lavender fabric dahlia, tute in this month's MS Weddings (link here). Besides the hairpin idea I think these would be way purdy for gift wrapping, pinned to shoes, dress straps...I think I'll make a dark purple one today. Scary how girly my 30's are starting out to be.
-reading the manual on my new camera (this one usually puts me to sleep)
-working on a little somethin' somethin' for my better half, to be revealed on his birthday
-watch SATC reruns on TNT
-movies on the laptop (Coraline is released on Tuesday!)

Photo from Martha Stewart.

And family I love you but no, Steve does not have malaria.

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