Monday, 1 November 2010

Halloween Weekend

 Ours was a good one. There was our sweet hometown costume parade which ended with me up on a stage with my caterpillar looking like a creepy pageant mom (thanks Marmousch), I actually got in the kitchen Saturday night to make whoopie pies (I'm predicting whoopie pies to be the new cupcakes), and Mila just might have met her future husband.

But back to reality today. At her two-month appointment, Mila had her first shots ever and was so brave and determined throughout. She was quietly sobbing and just locked eyes with me the entire car ride home (after breastfeeding following the shots). Melted me into a puddle. Now we've been fighting a fever for most of the afternoon and evening and thankfully I think we're past it. God bless her.

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