Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Before fall ends (a fall cardigan)

I finished it the first week of October, honest. But we had such a warm October that for the longest time I hardly put it on her-- and suddenly it's colder to the point where I can't just put that on as her outer layer. Know what I mean? Luckily it's roomy. I love how the sweater turned out. Where the buttonhole loops are --probably the easiest part for any other knitter-- I made a few goofy mistakes so if you look closely the whole thing is jimmy-rigged, like looking beneath an antique chair and seeing that its legs are held together with masking tape. Not that I'm comparing my knitting to antique craftsmanship.

Once it was finished I realized how insanely, coincidentally perfect it was that this sweater I made for my Best Thing Ever is made with alpaca wool. A llama sweater, for my llama girl.

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