Friday, 25 November 2011

Thanksgiving, 2011.

forget the turkey, check out the Movember beard.

She spent Thanksgiving in her Chinatown pj's

Mama, I stacked it!
Thanksgiving morning found the three of us in our bed, all of us stuffed up, coughing, sniveling sick. A trio of snorers and moaners. It was actually kind of sweet, now that I think about it. Somehow we got dinner on the table (it was all you, Steve). It was just us, there were no food revelations, nothing earth-shattering like past years' tried-and-true's; Wugs didn't even want one bite (from a menu so thoughtfully planned with her in mind!) and instead we had to heat up a Dr. Praeger's spinach pancake for her. Hmph. None of that really matters, though. 

I am thankful for my family both near and far. For friends so close they're like family. For my health. For my husband who, go ahead and try, you will not find a more supportive and kind man. Bonus points because tonight while he was folding laundry he came and found me just to show me how teeny our daughter's pajama pants are. He understands how the minute I finally get her to sleep all I want to do is cover her with kisses. He understands because he does, too. I am thankful for this beautiful girl that God entrusted me to guide and teach. Every day she makes me a better person. Motherhood is amazing.

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