Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Favorite moment from yesterday.

Oh boy. There were so many. Steve (the more gregarious one) trick-or-treating with his daughter. Wugs smiling at that little group of 9-10 year-olds as they squealed at her, not so much saying Yeah, I know I'm cute but rather to say, Hey guys, where have you been? I've been waiting to hang out with y'all.

We never did get around to carving our pumpkins by Halloween (but when M awoke to November 1st a jack 'o lantern was waiting for her), and this was the first year that we didn't have a single trick-or-treater at our house (how sad is that? Ugh.). But none of it mattered as we sat around eating our Chinese takeout--Wugs in the middle sandwiched by the two people in the world so lovesick crazy about her that they can't see straight.

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