Thursday, 29 October 2009

all the babies.

When we were there, it was springtime in the Mara. That means babies. We were tremendously lucky (have I mentioned how lucky we were?) sighting lion cubs, leopard cubs, cheetah cubs, baby elephants, baby warthogs, baby zebra, baby cape buffalo, baby gazelle...

So seeing babies meant seeing babies be babies. I can't describe the glow that sets in watching the lion brothers playfully bite each others' tails, or play with a stick (MOM I HAVE A STICK!! MOOOOOOOM, LOOK AT MY STICK!), or nuzzle with their mamas, or teeter-totter on their knobby legs (zebra I'm talking to you), or act tough (lil' leopard I'm talking to you). Some things are universal no matter what species you are.

p.s. these are just a few shots 'cause we're in that lovely purgatory known as moving. with no cable hook-up yet. more baby shots to come.


MrsEm said...

SAFARI! So inspired by this! Looking at all your photos now.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Would you be interested in coming to an LAC event sometime?

Tania said...

I would love to! But unfortunately I've since moved to Florida. Once I get situated here I may be starting one in this area.

I remember seeing your China pics awhile back (we were there in '07). Looks like we have the same taste in travel.