Saturday, 10 October 2009

to do: knit a shawl

isn't it stunning? I had bought the pattern for it from Tickled Pink Knits last spring, bought some fantastic fall-y yarn, diligently worked on it during road trips and lunch breaks until, about halfway through, I took it to the gurus at Napa's local yarn store (Yarns on First, miss that place) because of a twist that had developed in my knitting. Stinkin' circular needles. The verdict? Nothing to do but start over. Sob.

I was reinspired to start working on it last night when a picture of the finished shawl showed up in my daily etsy e-mail last night. That thing is so beautiful. Wouldn't it be great if I could finish it by, say, Thanksgiving?

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Anonymous said...

oh! you had to start over?
It is stunning. I'll cheer you on! What a knitting adventure.