Friday, 9 October 2009

lamb turned bride + leading up to the church

what I believe with all my heart

1) Lamb was the most ridiculously beautiful bride I have ever seen up close. Seriously lamb-- no fair to the rest of us that you're this alien woman who can pull off looking angelic and smoking hot all at the same time.

2) While we got lamb ready, the energy in Nonna and Nonno's house on the afternoon of September 10th could have moved mountains. I'm certain the excitement/nervousness duo is a universal element in all weddings on the planet, and maybe times that by 1,000 to get the energy whereby babies are pushed out but right now I know weddings. I remember mine and now I remember my sister's. Helping her to get her shoes on. Watching her put lipstick on in the hall mirror and going back to the thought from #1 above. Where is paps, we need to go NOW-- he is what, in the bathroom?! Marmousch starting to cry which made me start to tear up until all that salty-cheeks nonsense was firmly nipped in the bud by lamb. STOP.


In Italy it's tradition for the groom, with his family, to come to the door of the bride's house bringing her bouquet (and on the wedding day she hasn't seen the bouquet nor her groom yet until this point). That's what Lamb and Adam did. Another tradition is the throwing of rice and rose petals onto the bride and groom. The rice and petals look so pretty sitting on these nice ceramic plates, and oh yeah, the plates get chucked too. At the innocent, ready-to-begin-their-lives-together couple. You heard me. Nonna tossed that sucker like a frisbee, she ain't fooling around here people.

Led by the bride and groom, we headed to the church of Santa Maria Assunta on foot. Our own little happy procession. Once at the church we (tried to) make her beast of a train all flowy and pretty, why won't the veil comb stay darnit?-- a couple I love you's and we headed into the church (American 2 x 2 style), with one last glance back at Lamb and Paps, waiting outside to come in last.

more to come.

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Jacqueline said...

You are ridiculous (#1)! And I don't remember yelling at you to stop crying you big turd! True dat on being scared of Nonna with the plates (but Zietta, Marmee, & Simona also get nominations)! Thanks for being the top manager on Team Veil!